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DPB-270/360J  Cantilever style Flat-plate Blister Machine

Forming mould, heat-sealing mould, batch number emboss printing mould and punching mould adopt drawer type mould change with national patent to achieve high effiiciency.

This machine is applied to alu pvc and alu alu packing of medicines, for example sealed blister packing of capsules and tablets of various specifications. Applied to sealed blister packing of various syringes, ampoule bottles and medical products.
Applied to sealed blister packing of food, electronic parts, hardware products, etc.

Technical characters
Main drive: Main motor located at the back of machine, easy for maintenance. Synchronous belt drive instead of chain belt drive to to reduce oil stain. Guide rail installation method: Guide rail of the cabinet is installed in cantilever way. It is convenient for the operator to remove the dropped medicine. Mould base installation and adjustment: Adopt lathe type guide rail and pinion-and-rack adjustment way. With position indicator and scale ruler for
mould position adjustment.
All moulds including forming mould, heat-sealing mould, batch number emboss printing mould, punching mould can be orientation-guidedly pushed into its postion by hand and mould handle rocked to finish mould change fastly with no need wrench or other tools.
Adopt air shaft to install PVC material and aluminium foil. Adopt PVC connection device to change roll material more fastly.
PVC loading adopt roller trace to avoid PVC material being over-stretched during material pulling.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model DPB-270J DPB-360J
Punch Frequency 10-70 times/min 10-70 times/min
 Capacity 9600-12000(Standard80*57) 12000-15000(Standard80*57)
 Max forming area depth  Standard 140×260×12mm Can be customized to 160×260×26mm(Punching frequency <25times/min) 
 Stroke 20-120(can be designed as user's requirements)
 Standard blister 80*57(can be designed as user's requirements)
 Air Supply 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa; 0.3m3/min
 Total Power 380V/220V 50HZ 10KW 380V/220V 50HZ 12KW
 Main Motor Power  2.2 2.2KW
 PVC hard sheet 0.15-0.5X270 0.15-0.5×360mm
 PTP Alminum Foil 0.02-0.035x270 0.02-0.35×360mm
 Cold Forming Aluminum Foil 0.14-0.20x270 0.14-0.20×360mm
 Dialysis Paper 50-100g/m x270 50-100g/m2×360mm
 Mould cooling tap water or recycle water  60L/h tap water or recycle water  60L/h
 Overall Dimension(LxWxH)  4000x850x1700 4400×950×1750mm
 Weight 2800kg 3700kg